Dymond Fould & Vaughan (DF+V) AND International Technology Group (“ITG”) working together to maximise client benefits.


Research and Development business concessions: Encouraging new ideas from small business.


» Refundable Tax Offset

The Government now provides further encouragement to small businesses conducting research and development by:

» allowing a 45% tax credit for eligible research and development; and
» providing the opportunity to claim the tax credit as a cash refund.

» Start Grant

Various grants covering up to 50% of research and development project costs are available on a competitive basis.

» How DF+V & ITG Combine to provide Superior Services

John Dymond of DF+V, a chartered accountant with more than 40 years’ experience in public accounting and more than 20 years’ involvement both working within and advising to a range of entrepreneurial and high technology companies, has spent the last 18 years working closely with Alan Green of ITG to combine their talents for the benefit of their mutual clients.

John’s intimate knowledge of accounting systems and management reporting requirements allows him to work with accounting staff to establish reporting systems which capture relevant accounting information to both maximise research and development claims and minimise difficulties and errors in preparing research and development claims.

Alan’s experience, spanning almost four decades with the relevant legislation, involving drafting, reviewing and discussing policy, together with his dealings on behalf of clients (including major international corporations) with ATO and AusIndustry staff in reviews, risk assessment meetings, audits and litigation (consistently successful from the clients’ perspective), puts him in a unique position from which to advise clients as to application details, strategy, documentation and overall approach to the research and development process.

Together, John and Alan provide a complete service. They combine the assurance of accurate and meaningful accounting support with excellent technical support and know-how and an intimate knowledge of how particular circumstances which may arise during the research and development process should be handled at a practical level. They are available to consult with your company to maximise your business benefits of conducting research and development.

John Dymond

T: (02) 9181 4747
F: (02) 9819 7823
M: 0414 814 747
E: john@dfv.net.au


Alan Green

T: (02) 9315 7344
F: (02) 9315 7343
M: 0408 505 666
E: alangreen@intechgrp.com.au

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