Employers that have provided FBT car parking benefits for the 2022–2023 FBT year should be aware that the ATO has finalised the changes to its ruling on car fringe benefits – specifically on the concept of “primary place of employment”. A broad test of primary place of employment now applies. Considerations of whether a place is an employee’s primary place of employment may include where their duties are performed, the place at which is primary to the employee’s conditions of employment.

Determining the primary place of employment for FBT car parking purposes is important because, among other things, benefits are only fringe benefits taxable where a car is used by an employee to travel between home and their primary place of employment and is then parked at or in the vicinity of that primary place of employment.

The ATO is also working on a new area: a guideline for calculating electricity costs for FBT purposes when charging an employer-provided electric vehicle (EV) at an employee’s home. This is expected to be released sometime in March.

For an eligible EV that is exempt from FBT, car expenses such as registration, insurance, repairs/maintenance and fuel (including electricity to charge and run electric cars) are also exempt. However, providing a home charging station is not a car expense associated with providing a car fringe benefit, and may be a property or an expense payment fringe benefit.

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